Need help with firmware related questions

I finally started to move 20+ of my switches to inovelli red series (hopefully will be done this weekend).
I notice the firmware on my LZW365 is 1.34.

Looking at the download area I found a 1.36 beta but there is no 1.35.
Is there any logic behind the numbers? Does it mean 1.35 is a stable version and it is available somewhere else or that they just skipped a number?

Is there a particular reason all the firmware available for download are beta versions?

Have anyone experienced issues updating firmware using Hubitat C7 or a z-wave usb stick paired with Hubitat? Keeping up with firmware is great but having to exclude and include a device may cause too much trouble depending on the number of automations involving the device so I’m trying to find a way to do it with the device “in place”. Hubitat has OTA but when i tried it just didn’t work?

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Inovelli provides the beta versions so advanced users can play around with new or upcoming features, and so we can provide feedback or help test things. There likely was a FW 1.35, but it was never released as a stable firmware or as a beta firmware for us to play with.

Before devices can ship with a new firmware version, I believe it has to go through zwave certification again (which of course costs $$$). In the past, Inovelli has marked a firmware as stable when it has passed certification and has started shipping preinstalled on devices.

That is great. I don’t mind doing that at all, I actually enjoy it - :slight_smile:

I got it. I’m just wondering how do we get the stable version once it become available and sent to the manufacturer?

You can find the latest stable and beta versions here: Index of /firmware

I don’t recall there being an announcement when a stable version is reached. Perhaps @Eric_Inovelli could setup a mailing list just for firmware releases going forward?

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@Brianna_Inovelli - let’s set this up Monday!