New Blue 2-1 install with Aux switch weird behavior

I just installed a Blue switch with the Inovelli aux white. It’s a three-way no neutral configuration exactly matching the wiring diagram supplied online by Inovelli.

The blue switch is working as expected. I use ZHA with Home Assistant and I can see the right looking events being logged for paddle up, paddle down, etc.

However, when using the white/aux switch, both the physical paddle up and paddle down buttons are logged as paddle up, and when I press the config button on the aux switch, that is logged as paddle down?

Do I have a defective aux switch? I do know that I need to install a bypass above the kitchen light, because when the circuit is in the off state, the light still faintly glows. Could that be the reason for both aux switch paddles being recognized by the main switch as paddle up?

Is the Aux working properly as a light switch? i.e. Does pressing/holding up turn on/brighten the wired load? Does pressing/holding down turn off/dim the wired load?

P22 set to 2?

Did you compare the same presses on the Blue to correlate the results?

What firmware are you on?

I can use the aux as a switch right now so long as I use either of the paddle positions as only “on”, and the config button as “off.”


No. When using the aux switch, only pressing the config button turns off the light. Using either of the paddle positions on the aux switch turns on the light. Holding the config button dims the light.

Yes. (Parameter #22 - Hex #16)

Yes, I did. On the main Blue switch, all of the buttons work as I expect and are logged in ZHA as I would expect. Up is up, down is down, and config is config.


Update: I was able to install a bypass on the light today, and that fixed the issue with the aux switch. Go figure. So, if anyone stumbles across this thread, and you don’t have a bypass installed, put one in.


Dang, I would have thought that if the switch remained powered, a bypass would not have solved your problem. But I’m glad it did. Thanks for circling back!