New Blue will no longer include

Took my new blue switch out of the box, paired it to Hubitat at my desk. Then took it 2 rooms over and installed it in the wall, it no longer communicated with the hub. I removed the device from Hubitat, but now this switch will no longer pair. I’ve done multiple hard resets of the switch, tried on two different Hubitat hubs, and moved locations back to the place where it worked the first time. Scratching my head here…

Just to verify do you know the factory reset process is different that their zwave switches?

Hold the config button (A) followed by the top of the paddle for 20 seconds (or until the LED bar flashes red) – then release the config button followed by the top of the paddle to initiate the pairing process

Thanks, yes I have been using the method you describe to reset the switch. After trying about 5 more times I did get it to pair, however it did not automatically detect the device type. I manually set the correct driver and still had no control over the switch. Something odd/irregular is happening. I’m going to keep trying but I think I may have an issue with this one.

I’m having the same issue with one of my switches. Just wanted to chime in on this.

After trying to reinclude countless times I have gotten it to pair again, however it is not functioning properly. For instance, in some situations I can get it to take on/off commands however Hubitat does not update the on/off status. Some inclusion instances work better than others, but it seems flaky in general.

The very first time I powered up the switch and tested it on my desk it was working perfectly, so something happened between then and now.