NEw Inovelli Switch not updating status

I have a few of the new inovelli Switches that just wont update status in hubitat. It makes automations and dashboards difficult to use. It is only a few switches. Anyone have this issue? Fixes? Thanks

Can you control the switch from Hubitat? I have 6 Red Series on/off switches and they all update on the hub very quickly when switched physically or digitally. Maybe try air gaping the switch for a few minutes?

So have about 20 installed. Other 17 work flawlessly both from the switch and from hubitat. There three work fine from the switch and the device page. Don’t work from the dashboard well because the status won’t update. On the device page in hubitat when the swirch is switched on it still says status of unless I hit refresh manually. The energy reporting and power status updates, just not the on or off

this might be the habitat version of “did you restart your PC” but…

when you installed the new dimmer did you repair your z-wave mesh? I know that in my case if any of my devices were too far from the hub or any other device i had to add a repeater. Happened for my front door lock. The device was recognized by habitat, but i never got any status updates or was able to control until i added a repeater. Might just be out of range.

So I had to resort to using a backup copy before the issues started. Which worked