New Inovelli User Stairway or Hallway Light Question

I have almost no experience doing anything electrical but I am pretty confident that if the power is off i can hook up a switch. My question is can the Invovelli be used for stairs or hallways where there is more then 1 switch that controls the lights.

For example, a light switch at the bottom and top of the stairs controls a single light in the stairway. Or a hallway with 4 lights has 2 switches that turn the lights on and off at the end of the hallway. Can i just use a singular Inovelli switch at 1 end and leave the “dumb” switch at the other end and it will work? or do i need to install 2 Inovelli switches, 1 on both ends.

You are talking about a 3-way configuration and yes those are supported with Inovelli + dumb or aux switch. I highly recommend using a GE aux switch at far end as you can then hit up on either end for turn on and down on either end for turn off.

Copy that, so if I leave the dumb switch in, if its turned off then the whole 3 way wont work? Installing the GE Aux switch will allow for that “toggle”?

No, that’s not what @timrudd12 is saying, If you leave the dumb switch, it will continue working as it does now, with the “on” and “off” being up or down depending on the last action on the inovelli switch. With an aux switch, the “on” and “off” will always be “up” and “down” since the switch rests at neutral position.

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ok so if i am understanding correctly, having the GE aux switch at the other end is beneficial because the Aux switch is also a toggle so hitting up or down at either end will work.

If I have the dumb switch at 1 end and its down for power off but the last thing done on the smart switch was a power on? the power will be off but if i toggle the dumb switch the power wont come back on because the last action on the smart switch was a power down?

Yes , the Aux switch mimics the Inovelli switch. So the top of the paddle (up) is on and the bottom of the paddle (down) is off. If you install a Inovelli dimmer then the Aux will mimic dimming as well. Trust me, if you have a significant other you will want the Aux switch.

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The dumb 3 way switch would still operate as it currently does where a toggle changes the state. I find the AUX switches more intuitive as I simply press up for on and down for off, rather than toggling the switch to its opposite state.
There is a second advantage to aux switches if you are using a dimmer, in that you can press and hold up or down to dim up or down which is how my living room 4-way config works. Doesn’t matter which entrance I am at, I can dim or turn on/off intuitively.

I def do! The Wife / 15 year old daughter and 5 year old kid may kill me if i don’t get this right.

Thank you Tim. I def just want the simplicity of just hitting up for power on and down for power off. With the GE Aux switch do i still have to connect it to a hub? Or does the hitting of the toggle up or down notify the Inovelli via some electrical current?

The aux switch does not get added to hub, it simply communicates with the inovelli over the traveler wire. The setup instructions cover this.

Perfect. Thank you guys so much this has been so incredibly helpful

1 last question if eyes are still on this topic. Will a GE Aux switch still work if the hallway has 3 total switches? I didin’t realize that there was 3 vs 2.

So I would have 1 Inovelli switch and 2 Aux GE switches. Would the whole thing still work ?

Yes, that’s called a 4-way.

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