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New Product Innovation Poll

Edit: We’re having issues with the poll in that it’s limited in what it can do. I can’t add any new products and it seems like people can’t change their vote, so we’re exploring other options. You can definitely still vote on the options below, I just wanted to throw it out there to everyone in case you didn’t see your option listed. We may have to build a special plug-in.

Product Poll:
As more and more ideas flow in, it’d be nice to see the interest behind them. Check off as many as you are interested in seeing brought to development. We’ll add more ideas as they come in and even put some of our own in. As always, thanks for your support and here’s to the next big idea!

Hmm??? 199% Maybe it’s me, something seems off…

Haha, yeah that’s weird. Not sure what’s going on there, but I’ll take a look!


And I’m voting …it doesn’t seem to register

OK, let me see if @Frank_jr_Inovelli can check it out!

I was trying to find some sort of voting plug in that I can continuously put new options in and then check the results every so often. In addition if someone chose something and a new product was added, they could also select that if it looks cool.

Looks like the built in poll doesn’t allow this or its over my non-coder head!

i want to selfishly point out that the dimmer dimmmer would cover the on off / on off (at least in my simple brain) LOL.


Lol – I’ll have you know I’m pushing for your switch as well as the other dual switches. We have some space opening up in the innovation calendar that I will give a 95% chance of these switches filling those gaps.

The test is the fan/light switch we’re putting out. I’m having the team explore adding in a hardwired option per this update: Fan & Light Switch (Project Hurricane)

(This is what I sent the manufacturer)

So, using the same logic, we can create other dual switches. Here’s my other lame drawing to explain how an On/Off & Dimmer would work with an Exhaust Fan & Light:

I’m definitely working on this and think these dual switches will be a great addition.

The engineer’s push-back was that this will cause the depth of the switch to be pretty big. So, I’m not too sure this can be done if you have metal gang-boxes, but more to come.

In some cases this would, such as if you’re using light bulbs. However, if you wanted to use an exhaust fan or something similar, using a dimmer switch (even with the ramp rate set to instant on) is not recommended (in case firmware fails or a parameter doesn’t save, or something else that would cause the switch to revert back to a dimmer).

Just wanted to throw that out there for safety reasons!


I’d personally love the ability to control RGB/W smart bulbs using a switch that doesn’t kill power to the circuit, unless I want it to (airgap maybe requires the push of a small button?)
I’d like the switch to be able to send a Z-Wave signal to the hub (SmartThings), have it process the command, and send the command to the bulb(s).
Press off/on, my hub has the bulbs mimic the off/on state of the switch.
But also, the switch has a color seek up/down and/or preset saved option to cycle through the colors of the rainbow, or the different temperatures of white, but then maybe have a preset list to where you can just press the button 1/2/3/4/5 times to set to the preset you saved? Saving it can be as simple as long pressing the preset button the number of times, but holding it down for 5 seconds instead of releasing the final press.

Good news is that the Gen 1 and Gen 2 (being released shortly) has the ability to disable the internal relay (which cuts the physical power to the load it’s attached to) so this is definitely possible (and why we added this feature)

Yes, exactly! This is how the switches will work when you disable the relay. I actually have this very setup in my bedroom right now (and my daughter’s room). As you noted, the switch tap would send a Z-Wave Central Scene Command to SmartThings, which then sends the associated signal to the Hue bridge, which then sends the signal to the Hue lights to turn on (or turn to a certain color).

We’ll also be launching Z-Wave bulbs here at the end of September (NOTE: they just got Z-Wave Certified today):

The reason I’m brought up Z-Wave is that you can directly associate the switch to the bulbs and control them in real-time if you want (ie: If you dim up on the switch it will dim the bulb up and same for down – on/off, etc). This cannot be done with Hue as they are ZigBee, so it’s actually pretty cool and it sounds like it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s where I lose you though haha – we don’t have anything out like this, but it seems pretty cool (and I may have an alternate solution besides the one below). I was on Reddit earlier and someone was talking about this switch:

It made me think of your earlier comment around a color wheel (EDIT: Whoops, I got this message mixed up with @mparadis’s post) or something. While that may be challenging, what we could always do (no promises) is have you select a number or maybe it has a color abbreviation on it that you could select and it would then change your bulb to that color.

I think with your idea, we could definitely set some favorites on the config button (will be a v2 firmware release) – but in the current version, you can also tap the paddle x times to change the color and dimness setting of any bulb. For example, you could double tap the switch UP to change the color of your bulb to Purple.

The problem is that you have to memorize all this… which brings me to an idea I had below that has more of a visual cue.

IDEA with Existing Switch
I’ll have to run this by Eric M. (he’ll be in the forums shortly – he’s been busy with the firmware for our switches) Just confirmed this is possible with Eric M. – would you be open to something like this with our new switches:

There’s a configuration button on our current switches that allows you to configure the switch to whatever color you want the LED to be (and there are presets: Red, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Purple, etc). What if somehow you were able to use the config button to cycle through the colors and if that switch was associated with your bulb, it would then change the color of the bulb?

In other words, you press the config button a certain number of times to enter some sort of manual control mode of the bulb that your switch is associated to – then let’s say you want the bulb to be Cyan – you press the config button x times so that the LED bar shows CYAN – you then confirm and then your bulb changes that color.

Would something like that work? I can try to draw it out visually if that would help.


I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to read a forum post before haha.
Two questions come to mind then:

  1. Would this work in a 1-2 relationship? Like, one switch, two bulbs? My end goal is to be able to independently (or dependently, depending on my mood lol) change colors of three bulbs out front of my house (two on one switch, and one on another). I know SmartThings can handle two bulbs mimicking the status of a switch (on/off). Maybe I’d just set it up so that if L-Porch is Red, R-Porch is Green (for Christmas), using WebCoRE.
  2. Holding the top/bottom of the switch, will that send a dim command to the bulb? If so, is it via the hub, or only if it’s directly linked to the bulb?

As far as the config button acting as a color change, I like that! Would we be able to configure the list of colors that show up?
Another thought, although a stretch and very weird request, is it possible to have a color preset (e.g. Green) actually send a set to Green for one bulb, and Red for another? Obviously this part would be user customizable.

Hey @joshbgosh10592, my bad man, not sure how I didn’t see this!

This is a good question and I sent it over to Eric to see what he thinks. I believe you can associate more than one bulb to the switch so in theory it should work. I’m not sure how we’d be able to work the config button to change dependent or independent based on your mood though, if have to think through that :joy:

This one I can answer - if you associate the bulb and switch, they will talk directly to one another without the need for the HUB :slight_smile: - so, yes, you can dim in real time!

I don’t see why not! I’ll add it to the list and see what we can do. What may happen is that there will be some default colors and then maybe via a device handler or something you could set a value via a HEX number. I love that idea!

Could you elaborate a bit more here?

Thanks for the thoughts! When I’m by a computer, I’ll add it to the V2 notes for the new firmware and link it back here.

Sorry I’m just now getting back to this, I forgot I received a reply haha.
My thoughts on the last part was me thinking that the light shows green on the switch, but it sent a set green command to R-Porch and a set red to L-Porch. Kinda like a preset, but the indicator light shows one color of the preset? So, you press the button on the switch and cycle through to Green. Green means R-P is Green, L-P is Red. You cycle to Orange, and that sets bulbs to Orange/Purple. Cycle to Pink (easter) sets bulbs to Pink/Blue.
Does that make any sense?

I’m honestly probably over-thinking and there would probably be a very small amount of users that would use this feature

I would buy quite a few of the dual on/off switches, with one of the switches not connected to a load but operating as a 3-way (through a program in my ISY hub).
Example : the current light switch, that controls a ceiling light above our bed, can be converted in a dual switch with the second switch controlling the walk-in closet light that is often left on by mistake.

There is no poll for this. But, I think there is a real market for hard wired z-wave+ keypad. Something like this:

There are zero z-wave plus based keypads currently available on the market. It would be even greater if there was a way for inovelli to sell buttons with pre-printed names for common rooms and areas. So we could purchase the keypad switch, and separately purchase pre-printed buttons for zones that we’d like to control with it.

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Fan/Light dual switch. Need dimmer for lights and 3-speed for fan. Nothing like this exists in the market today and I have an IMMEDIATE need for 5 of these… First one to the finish line gets my $$$. I understand it will take time of course but I’d love to keep to one manufacturer in my wired assemblies if possible.

@kreene1987 Do you mean something like this? Project Hurricane :smiley:

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I need this feature now. For now, until you release it, I’m trying to make myself code it up in HE Rule Machine. Basically, set a global variable of the RGB/HSV value and do some math in rule actions, triggered by the config button press. Sounds good, just don’t have that many cycles in my day!

I did manage to add dimming capability to one of your Red Series switches by incrementing the bulb level each time the config button is pressed. When it tops out at 100%, there is a visual LED notification to let you know the next press will loop to the lowest setting and start over. Crude, but functional.

Dual Switch (Dimmer & On/Off) is the big winner here IMO! As @Eric_Inovelli explained on Aug 19th, this configuration would be excellent for bathrooms. All the bathrooms in my home use this dual switch configuration, but I have some additional complications. First, the junction boxes in my bathrooms do not have any neutral. Second, the fan switches do not switch the load to the fan, they switch signal wires that the fan’s control uses to toggle modes. I use Panasonic WhisperGreen exhaust fans that are always powered (FV-0511VK2) and operating at low speed.

The best-case scenario for me would be that you build a Dual Switch (Dimmer & On/Off) that takes the No-Neutral capabilities from your dimmers and adds an on-off switch that could optionally be used as an unpowered relay. This might require the addition of a fifth lug though, which I’m sure would make things difficult. The more I think about the idea, the more niche it seems to be.