Newbie here - Fan switch question

Hello. I am new to the z-wave switch deal. The question I have is that all my fans have a switch to turn the fan on and off and a second switch to turn the light on and off. How would you recommend I handle this. Fan switch? Thanks

LZW36 is the only Inovelli solution right now if you want fan speed control.

The second gang could be used as a scene controller (Project Rock Out, now in preorder) or can be blanked off, or used for a mini-screen, etc.

LZW36 is a possibility, but be aware that you need to have an AC motor in the fan and need to install a canopy module in the fan’s housing. If the fan has a remote, then you will need to replace the fan’s module in the canopy and possibly figure out the module’s wiring.

The LZW36 communicates between the switch and the canopy via RF. That’s perfect if you don’t have two switches. But in your case, you do, so a wired connection will always be more reliable. You go go with an Inovelli LZW30-SN or LZW31-SN for the light and put a fan switch in the other slot.

Inovelli has a fan switch in the works, but it’s on hold. So in the interim, you’ll have to go with one of the other smart fan switches.

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Thanks for the feedback. Honestly this is in my bedroom and speed control really is not a must for me. The fan has no remote. So for basic On/Off could I just use two LZW30s?

Absolutely. Just verify the amount of current doesn’t exceed the rated capacity of the On/Off switch.

Manual says 300W inductive load

I (A) = P (W) / (PF Ă— V (V))

About 2.5 amps for your pleasure.