Newbie install of red series dimmer no neutral switch

I have the red series dimmer no neutral switch not sure if model since there is none on the box or amazon page. I hooked it with the two wires I have from the box. Upon turning the power on the led bar dashes red for a long time then stops and nothing works. Tried to add to SmartThings but pressing the button three times does nothing. The light is on but will not turn off so switch is not working other than a connector for the two wires. Any thoughts

I’m guessing that you have a black and a white wire which you connected to the switch. Presuming that your power is being fed from the light, one of those two conductors (when not connected to the switch) is constantly hot, the other is not. Did you test to see which of the two is hot? If so, to which conductor did you connect that hot wire? Which terminal did you connect the other wire to?

(By “hot” I mean +120VAC . . .not referring to the temperature.)

Assuming it is wired correctly and you have the red series dimmer it sounds like you may need the Aeotec bypass.

Curious as to why the bypass might be required. The OP didn’t discuss his load. Is there something else in OP’s post that indicates it might be required?

I had similar issues Non-neutral LZW31-SN, Bypass fixed issues

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I have two blacks. I took the top wire off the old switch top coonector and put on top connector of the smart switch. Then I did the same with the bottom wire. Should I actually reverse them if the power is not on top. I have to get my friend restored and see which one is hot. So hot top and not bottom I take it and will follow up tomorrow.


With a mechanical switch, the hot doesn’t matter. With the Inovelli, it does. Don’t switch it just because it didn’t work. Test it so that you are sure.

If you’re unfamiliar, consult with an electrician.

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