No neutral, maybe dual project hurricane switches?

I have a ceiling fan in a 3-way setup that I’m trying to convert to smart. The problem is that this circuit is fan box fed, so I have no neutral at the “master” switch. The only connection the fan box has to the “master” switch is two wires - one line and the other load.

I’ve come up with two solutions, but I’m not sure if the second will work:

  1. Use a red series on/off (no dimmer) switch in 3-way setup as no neutral. Line from the fan box goes to line, load from the switch goes to the fan, and the aux switch is connected as per documentation.
    Caveat: what feature(s) do I lose and do I need a bypass (I’m assuming no, since it’s not a dimmer).

  2. I change the load wire linking the “master” switch and the fan to be neutral so I have both at the “master” switch, pigtail both and send bit line and neutral to the aux switch box, put in two project hurricane switches with the canopy module from the “master”, discard (store) the canopy module from the “aux” switch, and associate the aux to the master, so that when the aux is pressed, it sends a command to the “master” which then carries out the deed. Both switch boxes and the fan box would have constant power, line and neutral.
    Caveat: can you use the Z-Wave association tool on the project hurricane switches?