Non-neutral 3-way setup -- different configuration

Novice here. I’m trying to install the LZW31-SN in a 3-way set up with a GE Enbrighten Add-On #46199, but the wiring configuration I have does not match the wiring diagram for non-neutral 3-way on the Inovelli website. My configuration is shown in the diagram below with my current switches. With a multimeter, only one wire in one box has voltage (120V).

The diagram on the Inovelli website is:

Any help in sorting out how I could install my new switch would be appreciated.

What type of wiring to you have? Romex, THHN, etc?

How does the light get its neutral?

Thanks for the responses. I’m not sure of the brand of the wiring but the primary box has 3 insulated wires plus uninsulated copper ground contained within outer plastic insulation. (There is also a bit of paper contained within the outer plastic insulation.) The 3 wires attach to the original dimmer switch as shown above. The second box does have a neutral but the original accessory dimmer was not hooked up to it. With some trial and error, I was able to get the switches to work using this wiring:

(I had also tried working with the white neutral wire in the second box by connecting it to the “neutral” terminal of the GE switch, connecting the red wire in my diagram as shown, the orange wire connected directly to the green wire with a wire nut. With that set-up, the Inovelli switch worked but the GE switch would only turn the lights off.)

With the switches set up as shown, they both work OK but there are a couple of issues. 1) from either switch, there is a bit of delay (1-1.5 sec) before the lights turn on and 2) with either dimming or increasing brightness, the change in lighting intensity is not smooth but jittery. (Note that I have not set up the switch to my Z-wave hub as the Wink system has been down for a couple of days.) The issue with dimming jitteriness is only present when I have LED bulbs in the 9 can light fixtures. (Bulbs are 10W Phillips model 9290011558A). I tried removing all LED bulbs and using incandescent; the jitteriness went away. I did not check to see if the delay in “on” went away with incandescent bulbs.


  1. any comments on my wiring?
  2. any way to address the delay in the lights turning on (keeping the LEDs)?

3) any way to address the jitteriness (keeping the LEDs)?

@jeffkgregory I am trying to wire up a 3-way switch. My “before” wiring looks like your “before” picture. In the midst of many unsuccessful attempts and googling, I tried your wiring and it didn’t work for me… but I’m wondering if my configuration was wrong.

What did you have your switches set as?

Might be better to start a new post, explain what you have and post some pics.