Notification Excess

Has it occurred to anyone else that, if one installs three of the red series in one 3-gang box, you can have 125 different, color coded notifications?!

Mike M

“Honey, what was the blinking purple on switch 3 again?”

“It’s the, ‘I need another beer’ notification”!


That seems close to the divorce notification and a really low WAF :crazy_face:


Hmm??? Only 125? I’m coming up with 243 notifications (3^5) :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of beer! :smiley:

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Without beer, I came of with 8^3 … 8 colors w/ three switches . . . 512 combinations.

Now if we could set the duration programatically . . . .

Wouldn’t that be 3^8 or 6561? :astonished: Kind of like finding $100 when you thought you only had $10 LOL!

Aw, gee. And I was trying to keep it simple.

Eric’s driver lets one specify the characteristics of 5 different “notifications”. While there is an almost infinite amount of variation in what any one notification can look like (color, duration, intensity, pattern), there are only 5 unique notifications that can be pre-set for any one switch. For three switches, then, the number of possible combinations of these notifications is 5^3 or 125.

But you folks want to make it complicated. Suppose one set up rules that could change the characteristics of the individual settings. Since (see above) each can vary almost infinitely, the possibilities for three switches then would be (almost infinity)^3 - - - which is a lot!

But why settle for so little? Why stop at a routine that only controls three little light strips? One might, for example, indicate really, really important notifications by flashing the ceiling lights. Or tuning on the garden sprinkler.

I tell you. There is no end to it when one gets involved in home automation.

Mike M.



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Yes, I have 2 Red Dimmers and 2 Red Switches in a 4 gang box… Makes for some tight wiring :stuck_out_tongue:

But the notification potential is infinite!