NZW31 3-Way Dumb Switch Delay

I recently installed an NZW31 to a 3-way wiring setup with a “dumb” switch. Everything works great with the exception of a 1-2 second delay when I turn on/off lights from the “dumb” switch.

There is no delay when controlling the lights directly from the NZW31.

Is this delay at the dumb switch to be expected?


Good morning @alternator – I’ve seen this before with our old Gen 1 switches and what it boiled down to was the bulb used. Is there a way you can swap out the bulb with a different one?

Most of the times, however, it happened with light fixtures where the bulb couldn’t be replaced. I’m not sure as to why this happens, and never really got clarification from the manufacturer either.

Yeah, unfortunately this dimmer is controlling (5) recessed ceiling LED downlights that would be more expensive to swap out than a new dimmer =(

I forget the exact model I installed a few years back but it’s very similar to this unit: