NZW97 exclusion mode or reset?

Hi, I have an NZW97 outdoor plug which has been fantastic for me (I’m a little bummed they are discontinued to be honest). I’m switching hubs right now, and I can’t figure out how to get it into exclusion mode. When my hub is in exclusion mode, I try 1-5 taps of the NZ97 button, and it just turns the power off/on. Tried holding the button, tapping it a bunch of times, etc. The manual doesn’t have any specific details regarding exclusion or reset. Anyone done this before?

Hey @zacs - what you could do is unplug the plug from the wall, start the exclusion proceeds and then plug it into the wall and it should auto-exclude.

Same with pairing. Unplug from the wall, start the inclusion process and it should auto-include.

Let me know if it helps!

This worked perfectly on the first try. The one thing I didn’t think to try! Thanks a bunch @Eric_Inovelli!

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I gotchu @zacs :slight_smile:

Adding here for others, moving from ST to HE:
I was able to exclude my NZW97 from ST using the method above (just unplug and plug back in once ST is in exclusion mode).

Then when I tried to add this to HE, well… My mobile app crashed while it was in inclusion mode. I didn’t see the device in HE, so I tried again, and again, and again… Then I put HE in exclusion mode and plugged the NZW97 in and HE excluded an unknown z-wave device. When I then tried inclusion it worked perfectly. Hope this helps someone else.