One Switch Two Fixtures

So not sure if this topic has been broached yet but I would like to control both my interior entryway LED fixture (combined 12W) and outdoor fixture using the same Red Dimmer.

I just wired the entryway light using the dimmer while the outside light is using a dummy switch, both are in the same double gang box. The outside light is LED as well, under 10W I believe. I used the Aeotec bypass on the interior entryway fixture already. My questions are:

  1. Is this as simple as connecting the load for the exterior light to the second load hole on the switch?
  2. Would I need to add another bypass to the exterior fixture?
  3. Would the traveler connections on either switch be of any use?

This idea just popped into my head right after I finished the install so feel free to crush my dreams!

Thanks in advance!

Are both fixtures on the same circuit breaker?


Why did you add the bypass to the first one? Is this a non-neutral installation or was there an issue with bulb performance on the first fixture?

Non-neutral - all my fixtures are also low wattage LEDs so I’ve been installing the bypasses at the fixtures. I’m out of bypasses so I’m hoping that I can add the exterior light to the switch without having to add another one.

I’m not sure if adding a 2nd fixture to a non-neutral is proper or not. If it was a neutral installation, I wouldn’t see an issue. I’m not saying it’s improper, I just don’t know. What’s kicking around in the back of my mind is that since the dimmer is relying upon a switch loop for power, throwing something else into the mix may cause issues, particularly with a gfci or arc fault breaker, the latter in particular. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about the mechanics of the non-neutral to comment further.

Is there any reason you can’t add a 2nd smart switch and then just link the two with a rule?

No, I was just hoping to avoid having to buy another switch.