OTA Firmware Updates From Now On

So with the recent ST hub update, to my understanding there is some z-wave device firmware update functionality added. Inovelli seems to be leading the charge on that too, which is awesome.
However, from what I’m gathering, so far the only firmware update available is for the light bulb.
How will those updates work in the future? Can they be pushed any time or only during hub updates? Any news on when/if the dimmer switches updates will be coming?
Also, what do you need to do to perform the OTA device firmware update and also how do you check if it has already happened?
Any info is welcome.

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I’m not familiar with a ST hub update, so I can’t comment there. I use the PC Controller to flash.

There have been a number of firmware updates for switches, so it’s not just the bulb. Go to https://support.inovelli.com and search. i.e. “red dimmer firmware”

To see your current firmware, go into the IDE and select your device. Look at the raw description. The firmware is listed as “ver:”. So in the pic below, this dimmer is on 1.47.


It sounds like you’ve already seen it, but for anyone else following, here’s the thread in the ST community where this is being tracked:

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Ah so this is for people to decide on the SmartThings team, and not the Inovelli team? I just thought the Inovelli guys might need to like…submit updates to ST or something.

Thanks guys!

I think that thread is just asking for suggestions about which devices to include. Why one would ask that in that manner I’m not sure, as they had to know that they’d get about 7 million suggestions, give or take. :thinking:

Seriously though, it appears that ST will prioritize the devices to add, perhaps with input from the manufacturers. The manufacturers will need to provide the firmware updates so that ST insures the proper releases are being flashed.

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