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Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

I’ve the same problem now… @Eric_Inovelli you should offer an upgrade program. I’ve got 2x dimmers and 2x on/off switches I would love to upgrade to Red series. I’ll ignore the non-Inovelli ones for now :wink:

Lol, we’re actually working on something like this. I’ll add it to the ever growing list :slight_smile:


You know us crazy customers, always trying to give you our money faster :smiley:

Ugh… just noticed the 8/30… does that mean 8/30 for new orders or for fulfillment of existing orders?

Yeah… It’s when orders will arrive at HQ. I did put a buffer in there as they’re supposed to ship to us in 08/18.

Reason being is bc we updated the firmware per the community and that costs $8k and takes 4wks to re-certify via Z-Wave Alliance.

Any idea when the 4 in 1 Sensor (LZW60) will be back in stock? I need 2 of them for a couple of bathrooms

if I could just use the Black configs button as a button for me HE that would be everything to me.


I see we have 10-pack pre-orders for Red On/Offs, Red Dimmers and Black Dimmers, but not Black On/Offs. Omission or intentional?

Agreed, got some Amazon credits and want to get some 60’s!

Hey Eric! Is there any chance you can add in a Buy Now button for the LZW60 sensors even though they’re back ordered? Kind of like what you already have for the Red Switches?

I’m getting ready to place another order and would love to be able to add all the products I was hoping to bag on the same order, if at all possible. Completely get it if not possible of course, just thought I’d try my luck since a couple other people are also asking as well.


This is an omission! I’ve been asking him to put it up for weeks! C’mon @Eric_Inovelli!


It’s up now, sorry for that:


I have a pre-order on a couple of 10packs of red series switches. The ETA was 8/15 for shipping. Wondering if that is still accurate?

Judging by the top of the thread… No. I’m VERY anxiously waiting these for my new home build. I’m already needing to delay trim out to accommodate the 8/30 date. I REALLY REALLY hope that date sticks. :grimacing:


Delaying trim out for them has to suck, I hope they’re “on time”! When ordering individual switches on their store it says 8/30 but it says 8/15 for the 10 packs. I intended to try one before ordering a bunch, but the way stock seems to go for this stuff and then be out of stock for months made me just order a bunch now. If it turns out I don’t like them ill just have to return the lot of them I guess.

Since ordering I’ve been reading these forums a lot trying to know as much as I can when they get here… I’m honestly a little nervous about them now. It seems like the latest firmware is doing well and has solved a bunch of the issues, but I’m reading that the dimming up/down is not smooth and not able to be fixed via firmware update. I’ve had old zwave(non plus) Leviton switches for years now, they ramp up/down very smoothly. If these are all herky jerky I don’t know if I’ll be able to live with it. I’m also testing them out to see if we want to start using them at work instead of the GE switches. My customers aren’t going to put up with herky jerky dimming even if the feature set is awesome… they’re normal consumers, not tech geeks like us.

I believe they are using the latest “beta” version for the newest shipment, which should fix many of the issues. It can’t be verified as a stable/production release until it completes re-certification, but that’s underway…

Having them come with the beta firmware would be nice! I just got done installing an LZW36 and 7 LZW42’s around the house and while I was drinking a glass of wine… updating all of their firmware one by one isn’t exactly fun lol. So it would be nice to not have to do that with 20 switches. I was kind of figuring they wouldn’t/couldn’t ship them with the new firmware until it was out of certification.

I can say I’m pretty happy so far. I already tried out 1 of the LZW42’s and then picked up 7 more. The LZW36 works great so far. I didn’t really mess with it much with the firmware that came on it, I just went ahead and put the beta firmware on it.

Any update on the red series 10 packs and when ya’ll might receive them/ship them out @Eric_Inovelli?

You just need more wine.


Apparently whenever they want to update the firmware officially it costs them around $2000 usd paid to zwave? Something I read in another thread.

HAHA! Yep! That’ll do it.

The SO thinks I may have gone a bit overboard. I keep assuring her that’s not the case. I can’t wait for red series switches to setup easily selectable scenes!

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