Packaging and Bulk Packs

Finally installed my generation one switches, and saddened at all the packaging: hoping gen2 has far less.

One option would be to sell bulk packs of say 5 switches in a single box, even better if at a discount!


I’ll let @anon14959390 give you some good news here :slight_smile:

I agree, too much packaging!


Ha ha. I think what @Eric_Inovelli is referring to will be the upcoming 10 pack.

We have had a lot of requests by some of our B2B customers to do exactly what you are saying. Too much packaging.

What products would you like to see in bulk packaging @MrBond?

Thanks Eric and Nathan

As a consumer, maybe a ‘starter’ pack of 10 dimmers and switches, however I think 5 packs would work better in the consumer realm (<$100 is less of a financial stretch and many of us can’t use 10 at once).

But as a former contractor, 5 or 10 of the same SKU, especially for popular lines would be great. I’d concentrate on the premium line as easier to keep just 2 options on hand and increase as demand allows.

Heck, if it’s just a standard box with printed label, you can offer any combination!

As to packaging, for a product sold entirely online, I often find myself grumbling at expensive and wasteful design. The plain brown, easily recyclable cardboard boxes from an increasing number of Amazon resellers is refreshing and actually adds to my customer experience, but I know some prefer ‘luxury’ presentation so a tough line to tread.


Oh man you’d fit right into the team here haha. I feel like I’m talking to @anon14959390 right now! I remember when we were first talking about the contractor packs, the first thing he said was, “plain box, who cares”.

My marketing heart couldn’t process this as I’ve always been about presentation (you only get one impression, might as well make it a good one). In addition, to me, there’s a difference between opening up a package that looks sharp, and is well put together (idk maybe it’s the attention to detail that gets me all excited - like if they care about the little things, then I bet they care about the product too) and seeing some cardboard box that screams to me, “geez, I hope there’s a warranty on this thing lol”.

All that said, it’s very interesting to hear the other perspective. I know I am biased just bc my whole career has been marketing and especially brand building and the psychology behind packaging.

Good news is the contractor pack will have the same colors as our packaging, but won’t have the fancy thick cardboard (let’s hear it for top perforations).

I love it. The goal of the website we’re building will be to offer a build your own box (likely phase two) and contractors will also be able to have bulk discounts (phase one).

Anyway, sorry to ramble - the inner nerd in me loves talking about packaging :joy:

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As non-tree hugging consumer, personally, if the box is good enough to protect the cargo, good enough. I have purchased some AWESOMELY packaged garbage in the past. It’s like they spent every dime on the box, when they should have invested the time/money on the product itself. In those instances, the let down is even greater if something fails. As a “Average Joe” consumer, I would welcome a minimal, but structurally safe single and multi-pack with one set of instructions, etc. The product/support will speak for itself.


i dont usually buy in bulk but agree that the packaging seems to represent the product. Its like seeing a well dressed business man vs a startup CEO in jeans.


Good point and great reminder @Ma2J :slight_smile:

Oh dang, hopefully you don’t come to HQ where we wear shorts :rofl:


The shorts are for golf and not the gym. We keep it classy.

Packaging is a big thorn in my side, especially when you need to buy a bunch of something and you feel like you’re spending a lot on a fancy box you’re going to throw away, plus a lot of them can’t be very friendly to cardboard recycling. And don’t get me started on blister packs!

I like how Amazon offers simple packaging for something. But at times they’ll send me something packaged that way in a way oversized box filled up with those plastic pillows. I mean one time I got an SD card in a box big enough for a microwave oven!

I can see the need for fancy packaging to get someone’s attention on a shelf or display but when buying online and you know what you’re getting, keep it simple.


Another vote for simple packaging + discounts for volume orders. You can even just print a QR code inside the box for a link to the manual (make sure that URL is permanent → or something), I don’t need a little printed one :smiley:

I have a preference for volume-discount pricing as it seems friendlier to the consumer (less hoops to jump through, less waste). Bulk packs seem to encourage over-buying i.e. “just-in-case”, or just so the consumer thinks they saved money. (But really they bought more than they actually needed)

I think bulk makes the most sense when you would eventually use all of the product (e.g. something consumable like a Costco pack of paper towels), otherwise it’s just wasteful. Those extra switches will probably just sit in a closet for years. So I’d suggest a volume pricing model where you get a slightly higher discount with the more you buy. [1-5] is at retail price, [6-10] you get 5% off the order, [11-25] you get 10% off the order, [26-50] is 15% off, etc. This let’s people buy exactly how many they need and still feel like they got a deal.

Counter-point would be “just order the lower-bound with bulk packs and then buy individual switches to cover the remainder”. i.e. if you need 17 switches you buy a 10pk, 5pk, and 2x1pk. Which is a fair point, I just think it’s a little unintuitive (someone might just add 17 single packs to their cart and miss out on the sale)


I like that idea. One of the things I juggle with for bulk packs is exactly the point you bring up though.

Originally they were created for our business customers who buy switches all the time as they install them into their own clients homes. I like your idea though since it helps the homeowner too.

Lots to think about here! Thanks!


Amazon is great at this system: one product listing with multiple options for quantity or even mix packs.

I would be very satisfied with a plain cardboard box with 10 switches in it. Especially if it was offered at a discount. I am not a professional and would be using them for my personal home. If I am buying it online the retail fancy packaging is useless in my opinion. The box is disposal immediately after it is installed and if it works as intended I never have a reason to use the box again. So it is just waste in my opinion.

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I vote for contractor packs, or bulk packaging of some sort (or near-bulk, like value packs).

It won’t be long and I’ll need to buy dimmers and switches for our new house being built. The electrician’s perfectly happy to install whatever I hand him in place of what he would usually put in. I will need, at current count, 28 smart switches, 10 dimmers, 10 add-ons (e.g. “extra switches” in a 3 or 4 way), and 8 fan switches.

Opening 56 packages would just suck. Opening packs of 5 or 10 for most of those would be a lot better - 80% or 90% better! In that whole pile, I’d only need one manual to hand to the electrician. Which he’d probably only need a quick glance at to find anything “unusual” that he’d have to do, if anything, then promptly ignore after that.

As a counterpoint to fancy boxes making a “better impression”… every time I see a too-fancy box, I think “the Marketing people are out wasting money on packaging again”. I mean, there’s possibly a place for that (hanging on a rack at a store), but to me it screams “they could have charged less without reducing the actual products quality at all.”

I think the 1-packs should stay exactly the way they are. The Inovelli packaging is beautiful… signatures on the inside of the lid are a really nice touch showing the passion you guys have for the product, and the presentation of the switch when the lid comes off makes for a great ‘ta-da!’ moment.

That is a lot of fun- the first time. Maybe the second time. But if you’re buying a bunch of them, it’s just wasted money on packaging that won’t be delivering wow factor.

I suggest sell each product in 5-packs. The 5-pack switches would be in one single white cardboard box, probably just in baggies but maybe in a tray to keep them separated. Toss one copy of the manual and the neutral pigtails in. Skip the Deocra plate maybe- someone who’s installing 5 will probably have at least a few 2-gang/3-gang boxes.

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You mean like the Sengled bulbs on amazon that at $7.99 a piece or 2 for $35? Of course, now I don’t need those anymore, but a bulk pack on the non-RGBW bulbs would be nice.


what is consensus on that topic? I personally don’t care if it packaged or not. I LOVE inovelli switches red series, they have exactly what I was looking for for very ling time. And if you guys(at inovelly) don’t need to pay for extra packaging that might be win-win situation.
I’d buy a lot of them but I’d prefer to buy in a bulk(say box of 5 or box of 10 or something like that).
I’m sure there others who would prefer to buy in bulk as well.

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I am on board with bulk packaging. I am 13 switches in, with another 20 or so to order. At this point I am waiting for either another switch sale or bulk option to keep costs down and stay within my ‘fun money’ budget.

Don’t need the box, as mentioned above, the first one I got with the box which now stores my QR code tags. For my switches 2 through X, a little bit of bubble wrap is fine but for box store retailers, Inovelli may want to consider a nicer 5 pack retail box.

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Hey guys – we’ll be putting together a 10 pack w/the following:

  • 10x Switches
  • 10x Jumper Wires
  • 1x Instruction Manual
  • No faceplates

Packaging would be generic.

I’m hoping to get this for our next production run (slated in 4-5 weeks).

Keep everyone posted!

I will say that there will likely not be another $25 sale – we have razor thin margins on that one, but things will hopefully change over the next 6mo or so in terms of negotiating powers with our manufacturer, so hopefully we’ll be able to pass on the costs to you all.

Stay tuned!