Pair Blue with Hue Hub

Does anyone know if the blue switch can be paired with the hue hub? I’m looking to expand hue lighting into a garage but I don’t want to have to buy another Hubitat

Is it friends with hue or anything like that?

Unfortunately, Philips Hue did not want Inovelli join their “Friends with Hue” program. Inovelli attempted, but they weren’t accepting applications at the time.

The switch is not able to pair to the Hue hub, but you can pair (bind) Hue bulbs directly to the switch (via another hub like Hubitat, HA, etc…)

I’ve started using the Blue Switch with my Hue bulbs through Hubitat because I like Blue Switches better than the two Friends with Hue switch options. I’m using the Button Controllers app on Hubitat with the switch in Smart Bulb mode, and it seems to work pretty well, so you can try that. But I’ve also been wondering whether it’s possible to write code to make the switch talk directly to the Hue hub with the reverse-engineered Hue Hub docs online… need to investigate more.

Can it be done? Probably.

Big task though. Inovelli has confirmed they don’t intend to work around formal works with Hue certification path.