PC Controller vs ST Switch Firmware Version

I updated my lzw30-sn using the Secondary Controller method. I flashed the 1.19 firmware to the first switch via the Update button. I had to click Activate button for the Get button to show the new version. Is this normal? It’s not on the Secondary Controller instructions. Finally the firmware version on the ST webpage still shows the old version (1.09). I tried flashing the switch a second time and pulling the air gap switch. I also updated DH to 8/14/20 rev.


Fixed. Went into ST IDE and looked at events for device then refreshed current state. Now shows new version. Only remaining question is it normal to press the activate button after updating firmware?

@stu1811 - I’m using Hubitat and I usually have to hit refresh or config button on the device page to get the updated firmware listed. I’m sure if I left it, it’d eventually update.

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