Pico and blue switches

Can anyone suggest the means to control a blue switch that is connected to dumb bulbs with a Pico remote. Hubitat c8 hub.

Just to be clear - you want to use a Pico basically as a remote for the Blue? If so, I’d just use Button Controller to set up the Pico to do whatever Blue actions you want.


Sorry. Very novice. Tried button controller unsuccessfully. Yes want Pico as a 3 way.

What exactly was unsuccessful with your Button Controller attempt?

I set the blue switch to on/off mode. With smart bulb disabled in preferences.

With button controller as

Obviously incorrect as the Pico did nothing to turn on or off light.

So “Upper Soffit/Spot Lights Dimmer” is the Blue, but it’s actually set up as a on/off switch (not a dimmer)? That doesn’t really matter here, I just want to make sure I’m on the same page…

Instead of programming the actual Blue button presses in Button Controller, have you tried just using a switch “on” and “off” command (for the Blue switch) as the two Pushed commands for Pico 1 & 5?

You are correct. The blue is ‘dimmer’. Set to on/off. I will try what you seggest. Thank you.