Poor zigbee binding reliability: switches sending broadcast messages = flooded network to blame?

I can only think that there was an error that occurred during inclusion. This usually happens if there is an error that occurs during inclusion and the status of all the capabilities does not get initialized. A couple days ago I pushed a new driver so I wonder if the issue is cleared up.

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I factory reset everything the other day and so far I’ve been able to re-included.

Couple specific questions:
1- What are the recommended Aux settings when using switch-to-switch?
—- In the wall: should I leave both as monopole (default) or set as multi(aux)
—- In the ST app settings: Should the monopole wired be “full sine” and the dumb switch be “Aux (dumb) or should both be left to “None (default)”

EDIT’ed out my other question. I figured out where to set the binding endpoint in the new driver.

Lastly, thanks for doing this all in such an open and transparent manner, Eric! I have every confidence that these little issues will get resolved and I’m super excited about the functionality these switches offer. My electrician was so skeptical at first but I think he’s a convert now too! :slight_smile:

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Will edit the post I just made but I’m an idiot. I just saw that the endpoint is now a “/2” in the same binding field as the EUI. Still don’t have the bindings working but I found the endpoint reference.

I’ll wait on an update to the switch-to-switch instructions for a step by step with the new driver to try my other bindings.

Ahh, progress. :slight_smile:

Set both switches to the single pole default setting.

For the binding the endpoint you need to use is 1. So you would set:

Switch A:

Switch B: