Possible to disable dimming on Red Dimmer?

Is it possible to have the Red series dimmer function as an on/off switch only? I know this probably doesn’t make much sense, but I am in a rental and may have fixtures that are able to be dimmed in the future. I also want the larger LED in the meantime and would be willing to spend the $4 more now instead of replacing it with a dimmer when I move.

Does setting Dimming Speed parameter in settings to 0 give you the desired effect?

I do not own any, I am doing research before purchasing.

Yes. Turn on Smart Bulb Mode. This will ensure that the load is continually fully powered. While it’s not required, you can tweak the dimming and ramp rate before better toggle responsiveness.

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Yes. I have two Red dimmers controlling external light fixtures, I could have used a lower end switch but I wanted to keep the aesthetic of the Red dimmers and also use the LED bars for notifications.

IMPORTANT- DO NOT use a dimmer switch on an outlet. It’s against code. Even if you do the following procedure.

Here’s what you do…

Parameter 1: 0 (dimming speed)
Parameter 2: 0 (Z-Wave dimming speed)
Parameter 3: 0 (ramp rate)
Parameter 4: 0 (Z-Wave ramp rate)
Parameter 9: 99 (level when switch turned on- default is previous level)
Parameter 10: 99 (level when switch turned on by Z-Wave- default is previous level)

Then optionally:
Parameter 51: 0 (disables the delay after tapping the switch, this removes multi-tap functionality but makes the switch more responsive)
Parameter 52: 1 (Smart Bulb mode- basically tells the switch to output maximum power whenever on. I put this as optional as I haven’t personally played with it.) This will disable all dimming ability- without it you can still send a dim command by Z-Wave.

With all above except P52 set, my Red dimmers are essentially Black on/off switches.