Possible to remotely toggle a disabled relay?

Is it possible to disable the relay but still toggle it via a scene remotely?

It sounds strange but basically my goal is to “remap” my light switches. For example, imagine there are two light switches in a room (far from each other), each controlling a unique light. I would like to swap which lights the switches control. Essentially telling one switch to remotely toggle the relay on the other but not toggling its own relay.

im pretty sure that this is possible. I dont have them yet (i purchased dimmers) but i def think this will work.

Sorry, I swore I hit post on this… Must be the lack of sleep from the newborn!

Hey @Escher0 - great question! Yes, definitely this is possible. In fact, in the new switches, you can disable either local OR remote control (or both).

It’s a pretty cool feature!