Possible to turn off notification LEDs on switch in HA?

Looking to purchase the Red Series Fan and Light switch but wife approval is dependent on not having any LED on the switch shining when lights are off in bedroom.

Is it possible to keeps the notification LEDs off based on time at minimum?



You can set the intensity of the LED strips both when the switch is on and off. That’s done either via the switch or more easily via the hub. I know that with the dimmers and switches, and probably the fan/light switch, the LED color attribute is exposed so that you can set it programatically via something like webCore or the Rule Engine. I’m not sure if the intensity setting is exposed, however.


Thanks Bry

So if I don’t need scene info and click on A+Bx2 and A+Ex2, does that mean I won’t see the LEDs at all? I’m fine with that.

No, the first one is for dismissing a notification. Not sure what the 2nd one is.

You’ll set all four of these to 0% to keep the LEDs from illuminating. Most easily set via the hub/app. I haven’t personally tried these, but these are the settings:

In addition, notifications have to be triggered, so if you never set anything up to trigger them then they will never “override” the switches normal settings (when on/off).