Power -> can light to -> Switch

Okay so finally figured out part of my 1990’s house wiring. With the trusty multimeter I had assumed that the 3-way that I was changing out was power -> switch -> lamp to 3rd switch. Not really, it is power light switch without neutral…

Once I figured that out I just put a switch on the black/white and confirmed it works. I was happy then I substituted in a LZW31-SN. hm odd then I swapped Load and Line then it started to light the LED bzar and if I press the Config button 2x it will turn green.

I am using the Cree 65w, that is listed on the supported bulb list, I assumed that would mean that even without a neutral in a single switch / bulb it should work. I do have a bypass that I can add to the circuit once I figure out how to pull out the can.


So the problem has been reduced to the dimmer and maybe the bulb. Once I changed out to a different bulb I at least having the bulb working via the SmartThings hub. The dimmer will turn the light on but after that the paddle is useless.

Any ideas???

What are parameters 21 and 22 set to?