Power in Light - no neutral in box - 4 Way

Hello I have not purchased any switches yet but was hoping the Red V2 dimmer would work in my scenario.

This is the closest wiring diagram I could find but this is only a 3 way and I need a 4 way.

Could anyone confirm if a Red switch would work in this scenario (power in overhead light, no neutral, 4 way) and what type of additional switches would I need? Do I need aux switches or only dumb switches? Do they make an Aux switch for 4Way DPDT?

Also, and I hate to even ask this, but one of the 3 way switches is in a double gang box with another switch on a different circuit. Is it a major no no to pull neutral from a completely different circuit breaker. (I really don’t want to do that in general, let alone if given the blessing from the community)

Thanks in advance for your advice.

@Reuhlz - AUX switches will be required to work for 3/4/5 way with no neutral. See: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/kb/articles/inovelli-wiring-diagrams-dimmer-switches-gen-2#Non-Neutral_Wire_Setup

It is a BIG NO NO to pull a separate a neutral from another branch circuit.

What James said . . .

More specifically, it likely violates the electrical code. I say likely as I don’t know what code you fall under, but it is definitely prohibited in the NEC.

You can place an Inovelli in the box where the line without a neutral comes to, then use Auxs in the rest. This is for a 3-way but the same thing applies for a four way. You just add another Aux in parallel.

Thank you both for your replies.

The neutral comment felt wrong even writing it. I am more used to low voltage DC where it isn’t an issue.

Thanks for the information about adding the aux switches. To be clear with these aux switches, there are only two screws (not counting ground) so one screw gets a hot and the other a hot traveler. Then add more aux switches in parallel correct? I would not need any kind of 4way DPDT switch at all with this setup, right?

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For my middle aux, I just utilized the two holes available for each input. I didn’t need to do anything special (no pigtail).

Right, you are only going to use two conductors on the 3-wire. Wire nut the third conductor on both ends and tuck it.