Power outage screwed up everything

Last night our power went out. We have a generator so it was only out for about 10 seconds, but when everything came back on, every one of my lights that is attached to an inovelli switch or dimmer is now flickering (And there are a lot of inovelli switches in this house) Only one of the rooms is non-neutral, and I’ve never had a problem with the majority of them.

I use hubitat for my hub and everything is up to date. Since it is all of the switches, swapping it out is not an option. What are the troubleshooting things I need to do to get this fixed? My wife is not happy with our new all disco house.

Did you try air gapping tab on the front of the switch? Push configuration or preferences to each switch?

I did, but still had the flicker. I am updating the firmware (actually just adding the same one back) to see if that makes a difference. We’ll see if that fixes it.

I figured it out. I was wondering why when I pulled the air gap the light didn’t reset with the 3 led colors blinking. I went and flipped the breaker with the air gap out and when I pushed it back in, it worked. Now I’m back up. Thanks

Just curious . . . do you have a whole house surge protector in your panel?

That won’t help you for this issue but might prevent future occurrences. They are now required in the US with the 2020 code. A service replacement (i.e. a new panel) or service upgrade (i.e. a generator) now requires them to be installed. Even if it’s not required based upon what code your installation is under, it might be a worthwhile investment.


Actually we do, last night was very strange. There was a loud pop and everything surged and then went out, even the surge protector. It happened to our entire area, but my neighbors with surge protectors had it go out for a few seconds too. Never had that happen before.