Preventing the Blue 2-in-1 from sending power to the load unless the entity is enabled in the hub (without using smart bulb mode)

I have a few rooms where I’d like to control the logic of multiple lights using a single Blue 2-in-1 via Home Assistant. For example, I have a bedroom with a ceiling light and a lamp. The lamp has a smart bulb, but the ceiling is a standard light bulb connected to the Blue 2-in-1. Ideally, pressing the paddle up once would turn on the lamp and then pressing it again would turn on the ceiling if the lamp is already on. The reverse would be true for down.

This is trivial to do with smart bulb mode if all of the bulbs are smart, but the bulb in the ceiling is not. And without smart bulb mode, pressing up will always send power to the ceiling light that’s physically wired to the switch.

Is there a way to separate the Blue 2-in-1 button presses from whether or not power is set to the bulb without using smart bulb mode? Maybe I’m missing something and this is already possible, but I’ve been struggling to figure out if this is possible.

If it’s not, I’d love to have a new mode for the switch that supports this. It would likely need to prevent pressing up from sending power to the load unless the light entity is turned on via the hub.

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Sounds like using the “Local control disabled” option (param 256) is what you’re looking for.


Ah perfect! For some reason I assumed that would disable the switch entirely, not just prevent it from sending power to the load. Thank you!