Pricing and Availaibility

Hi Everyone,

I am in the middle of a home remodel that has been going on for a couple years now. Shortly after the project started, I heard of Innovelli products, and I was immediately interested. At about the point I was ready to place an order, the Red series went out of stock. I’ve been monitoring the forum ever since, hoping to purchase a house worth of product.

I’ve seen over this time period, that Innovelli has been subject to the worlds supply chain issues, and I can definitely appreciate the strain this must have put on the company.

I’d still like to place an order eventually but I have a couple of logistical questions/concerns:

  1. Any guess when everything will stabilize as far as availability? Or will there be a point when lead times are at least set in stone? Every time I look, there seems to be an estimate 1-3 months out with no guarantees. I’ve been delaying my final electrical install in my house for many months hoping for availability, but I can’t quite bring myself to commit to this large of an investment without a firm delivery date. It’s been difficult to follow the various threads, but with some of the recent issues, I’m not sure if I would have a complete set of switches today if I had placed a preorder back in April. I still have no idea when I would receive switches if I ordered them today.

  2. Over the time I’ve been waiting for firm delivery dates, the price to outfit my house has jumped considerably. What was once offered in a couple of tiers (black series) for a very affordable price is now replaced with a premium product that is really overkill for 75% of the switches in my home. Even ignoring the discontinuation of the cheaper series, the premium dimmer product (red series, now blue, pricing has gone up over 35% (originally I believe product was listed for $35/ea in a 10 pack. Now it is up to $47.50/ea in a 10 pack (at least I think so, depending on where I look in the store the price seems to vary)).

I know that this is a great product from a great company and that there is a lot of R&D behind it, but what was once a small price jump above a regular dimmer, is now well over double the price I had budgeted. Again, I love the idea of smart switches and in my head I try to justify each price hike, but it is starting to be really expensive for a product that is more of a “nice to have” than a necessity. That combined with availability, I might eventually have to give up and just buy some dumb dimmers from Lowes so I can finish my house.

I’m curious if there are any more price hikes in the near future, or if this will be it until availability stabilizes.