Purpose of Child Devices

So here is a real noob question: What is the purpose of the child devices that gets created for the Red and Black series switches? I get it for the fan/light where they get controlled separately, but what, if anything, should I be doing with the child device for the Black and Red switches that I’m not already doing with the parent device?



Child devices allow you to easily control level and color of both switch bar settings and notification settings. This can be done by setting parameters, but the child devices make it much more user friendly for automations in my opinion.

I use child devices on my dimmers to set different default-on levels depending on time of day primarily. I like my bathrooms coming on as dim as possible at night, but at 50% otherwise. It’s a fairly simple automation to add additional devices to.

How do you create the multiple children?

What hub are you on?

Hubitat C7

Unfortunately I am not versed in that platform. On ST if you created a notification via switch settings, it would create a child for that notification. In addition, at the bottom, it had selectors for creating children for z-wave on level, local on level, bar color, etc.

How did you create multiple child devices?

Do you see in the first picture where I defined LED Effect Color - Notification 1, LED Effect Level, Duration, etc…? By defining parameters under the device details, it created the child devices. Same for the LED Color - I just defined the LED color and level. Boom, it appeared under the Device List under the device itself.

Here’s a screenshot of the relevant driver preferences in HE:

I see. You you don’t create a child device and then set parameters, it is more the other way around where you have a limited set of parameters you can use to create child devices. Interesting.

I would start with this book: https://www.amazon.com/Its-Not-Stork-Families-Friends/dp/0763633313


I would start with this book: https://www.amazon.com/Its-Not-Stork-Families-Friends/dp/0763633313