Question about 2x-5x tap LZW31-SN

Firmware 1.57
Single pole
HA 2021.10.6

I have a dimmer controlling a group of zigbee downlights. Downlights are in a zigbee group. My automation calls the service light.turn-on for the zha light group and sets the temperature and brightness with a single tap. The led bar comes all the way on and I can dim and brighten the light group and it roughly corresponds to the led indicator. When I 2x-5x tap the automation does exactly the same thing with the exception of a different temperature, however the led on the dimmer stays off, so my lights are on full but the indicator shows off. Is this by design? I have tried this with both activate scene and call service and the behaviour is the same; led only activates with a single tap.

Yes, this is how it works. Multi-taps call a scene and don’t turn on the connected device by default. So in your automation have it turn on/off light.dimmer_name_here as well and that will get your LED going.

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Ahhh. Thanks that did it.

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