Question about configuation settings

I posted this on Hubitat forum then I remember that Inovelli have it own forum as well so I am going to post the similar question on here.

I have Red Dimmer using the Inovelli User driver which I grabbed from guthub and installed in Hubitat.

The configuration settings are blank so I filled in some of it because there are some settings which I wanted to be different than the default one like ramp rate, dim level etc but I left all other blank and saved the parameter.

I notice the switch is not functioning exactly what I expected. Should I be filling in all the settings even with default setting to have no blank configuration setting and save it?

Like the ramp rate, default at 3 so I set it to 0 because I wanted to be instant on and off at both the physical switch and the digital switch. The ramp rate on Physical is instant off and on but the ramp rate on digital switch (from my phone dashboard) still act like at the default 3 even I set it to 0 in the configuration setting.

Can anyone help me with this or offer a feedback on it?

Thank you

I have noticed that to make changes, I have to click Save Preferences, then scroll down and hit Save Preferences a second time before Hubitat reports back that the switch’s parameters are configured as I had expected.

Thank you for the tips. I will try that method.

Do you still fill in every parameters or just the ones you wanted changed and left the rest blank?

I personally fill in all of the options, even if its just setting it to the default value.

Reason being, you don’t know the state the switch is in and what the value currently is on the switch. At least if you set it in the driver it will force the setting of that value and you visibly can see what it is set to now.

It won’t hurt at all.

@TechBill - I only fill in the parameters I want changed, and haven’t had an issue on Hubitat.

@TechBill - like @harjms I only fill in the parameters I want to be changed.

What I personally observed with Hubitat (using the custom Inovelli drivers for LZN31-SN) is that I’ll change a parameter, hit save, Hubitat page saves my settings in its database, the page reloads with the values I saved, but it reports that the switch parameters values are different. Then I click Save Preferences again, and when the page reloads, it reports the parameters values are correct. :man_shrugging:

I click Save Parameter twice now … This time there was a change but still not working what I set it for …

Now on Digital switch on / off. … This time the on is ramp up slowly while the off is instant off.

The off seems to be fixed but the on switch is still ramping up on slowly not to instant on when I have the parameter set at “0”

What am I missing?

Unless I am doing something wrong …

i think there is a firmware bug with the on/off ramp rate for digital switch side.

I have exactly this problem. Red series dimmer.

There is a workaround fix for it by making some edit in the driver. I don’t know if they are going update the driver or what their plans are with the fix.

You can message support and ask them if they will share the fix with you but you will need to know how to edit the driver to apply the fix to it.

Excellent! Thanks!

@EricM_Inovelli – can you take a look at this?

Hi there, the workaround is currently in the driver that is in Github.