Questions about the Inovelli LZW-31custom driver code

I’ve installed the Inovelli custom driver in Hubitat and assigned it to some switches.

I’ve run in to a couple issues:

The Hubitat-included “Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Scene Dimmer S2” driver includes settings for:

  • Indicator Color when On (Default:Blue)
  • Indicator Level when On (Default:50%)
  • Indicator Level when Off (Default:10%)
  • Indicator Color when Off (Default:Blue)

Compared to the custom driver, which only has:

  • LED Strip Color
  • LED Strip Intensity
  • LED Strip Intensity (When OFF)

Notice the lack of a separate “Off” color in the custom driver. Any reason why?

The 2020-06-02 version of the custom driver (which is the version I’m running) notes:

LED Indicator child device now works with setLevel as well as setColor.

I have the Create “LED Color” Child Device option enabled. If I go in to that “LED Color” child device, enter a level value and click Set Level, it has no effect on the LED bar (but the “Level” value under Current States on the right does update.)

For reference, I am able to change the color of the LED bar using “Set Color”. It seems all the rest of the controls in the child device have no effect.

Was the switch off by any chance? It seems set level for the child device works with Parameter 14 (level when switch is on) and level when switch is off is in Parameter 15 which can only be set at the parent device level.