Record physical x/y/z location of switches in metrics

There are requests for handheld signal meters; instead, with a large deployment, it may be faster to find a collection of switches where a repeater is most helpful.

Inovelli makes no repeater yet, right?

Different tools can help without overlapping: for example, an optimization tool can be run when new things are added to see what help is needed.

The physical location of switches and sensors would need to be recorded where it can be exploited by tools. This calls for either a known database with a protocol to which everyone agrees, or location in metrics.

It wouldn’t matter whether location is in feet, meters, cubits, or hidden numbers based around moving things on a map.

The key facilitator would be switches ability to store read/write numbers labeled as location north/south, location E/W, and height.

These numbers together with power level and error-rate can inform repeater suggestions and detect wells of poor signal unrelated to zwave changes: “new fridge attenuated signals”, “I only get good signal between 7:35 and 15:45 — hey that’s while ${breadwinner} takes the car to work!”