Red Dimmer conked out

I have 7 Red Dimmers, all worked fine. All running FW 1.48. Not sure if it’s tied to a Hubitat update, maybe… Since a few days ago, one switch (a 4 way with 2 Enbrighten) is now showing a 100% Red LED in one position and maybe 10% Red when in the other position… Not sure if it’s ON or OFF, as the light is not working at all. I shut the breaker OFF, no change, it comes back that way… I reflashed the FW yesterday just to see. Any ideas.?

I think you’re going to have to isolate the switch to test it. At this point your possibilities are the switch, the Auxs or the hub.

The easiest way is to try another Inovelli if you have one. If not, remove the switch from the hub and factory reset it. You want to test the switch in a 2-way configuration. It should reset to that by default configuration-wise, but depending on your wiring scheme you will need to adjust.

If your line and load are in the same box, just remove the traveler from the Inovelli, taking the Auxs out of the equation. But if your load is in the far box, then I don’t think it’s possible to isolate the Auxs. In that case, unforutnately, you have to bench test.

Which is why it’s easiest to just try another dimmer.

If it works as a 2-way, then that suggests something else is the issue, although I suppose it’s possible that the dimmer could work as a 2-way but not a multi-way.

How do I do a factory reset, trying to avoid removing it first.

By the way, it’s worked fine for 3 months… Not sure what happened.