Red dimmer does not show Watts or KW

I have 2 other red devices, one dimmer and one switch both show KW and watts, the one does not report usage was also very difficult to set up, it is connected with a neutral.

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When you say not reporting usage are you saying they are reporting 0W when the switch is on and the KWH is not changing over time? Out of curiosity are these red or black series?

Hey @jp0773 – what hub are you using? I’ve seen this happen before on ST where the switch isn’t included fully (it happens sometimes).

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using Homeseer HS4 for windows, I have 2 other red series and they show KW and watts

As i stated they are red series and show 0 (zero) KW and watts

Hmm? Sorry, I don’t know much about homeseer.

When you say difficult to set up, In what way? Can you tell me if it ever reported any power data? Also, I see you said you were using a neutral wire. Is it also set up as a load only or a 3-way? How are registers 18-22 set up?

connecting to the z wave controller, had to reset switch several times before it connected, kept showing no z wave to connect to, never showed any data and it is load only. the other switches i have connected with no problem.

Are you SURE the one not reporting KW is a Red series? The reason we’re asking is because the Black series dimmers look the same as a Red dimmer but they don’t have power reporting capability. It fits the symptoms, so its worth double checking.

Can you post your raw description? It should look like this zw:Ls2a type:1101 mfr:031E prod:0001 model:0001 ver:1.52

prod:0001 = Red dimmer
prod:0003 = Black dimmer

Edit: If it says prod:0001 double check you have the correct device handler selected.

I don’t know Homeseer, but if the other two are working, that would suggest the dh is ok.

At least in smartthings you can manually select a different DH. Maybe it was changed by accident?