Red Dimmer does not turn on all four lights it's connected to

I just bought and installed a red Series Dimmer switch to operate 4 Philips WIZ downlights using a neutral wire.

I run Home Assistant. In an effort to keep things simple, I have not configured any automations in Home Assistant.

Using the switch, I’m trying to turn all the lights on when I press the (A) button an turn off all lights when I press the (B) button. Dim all lights when I hold the (B) button and brighten all lights when I hold the (A) button.

Clicking the up botton (A) does not turn on all the lights. It only turns on random lights. Sometimes it’s one, other times it’s 2 or 3 but only occasionally all four.
The (B) button works as expected by turning all the lights off.

Can’t help you with the HA side of things but there are a couple questions you might answer to make your configuration a little clearer.

I am guessing that the lights that you want to control are physically wired to the dimmer, but you should confirm that. If that is the case, have you put the switch into the Smart Bulb Mode (SBM) and disabled local control? Since you are controlling smart bulbs wired to the switch, if that is the case, then you want the dimmer to always put out 100% and you do not want the switch to physically cut power to the bulbs.

Once you have that configured properly then someone with Ha knowledge can talk you through how to control your Wi-Fi bulbs.

Thanks @Bry
Confirming all lights are connecter to one Red switch.

Regarding Smart Bulb Mode. I didn’t see anything in the inovelli documentation that came with the switch. What is the process to put the switch into SBM?

Someone using ha will have to help you with that.

You can disable local control at the switch. 8X on the config button. The LED will turn red. If you want to turn it off, 8X again and the LED will turn green.

Thanks @Bry

So I do that in HA… Got it.

I appreciate the help

I use HA.

In your switch configuration, find the setting marked smart bulb mode, and set it to 2 - Smart Bulb mode.

This keeps the dimmer on at 100% all the time whether the dimmer is at 0% (off), 1% (dimmed), or 99 (100%).

This keeps the bulbs powered at all times.

Then what you will need to do is create an automation that says when the switch changes dim level, set the lights to the same dim level.

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