Red Dimmer in 3-Way Stuck On after Power Outage

Recently we had a power outage. After the outage, one of our Red Dimmer switches is stuck in the on position. When I try to turn it off at the switch, it does nothing. When I try to turn it off over z-wave, still stuck on. I am, however, able to turn off and on the light with the 2nd (dumb) switch. The Red Dimmer is also still able to display the correct LED indicator color (I change the indicator to red when my water is on).

I tried pulling the airgap, as well as cycling the breaker, but the problem still persists after the power returns. Is there anything else I can try, or do I just need to replace it? I have to say, if these switches are really this easy to break, I would rather just go back to the standard dumb switch. It’s not worth the hassle.

I would exclude the switch and factory reset it. Then re-add it and reset the parameters.

I have had this happen before as well. Just like you, cycling the breaker or pulling the air gap didn’t fix anything. In my case, I replaced the switch. Then when I was getting ready to order new switches for a room I was upgrading to smart switches several weeks later, I tried the previously stuck on switch and it now works normally. The only thing I did was to keep the switch completely off for some period of time (not just air gapped). I didn’t even ever factory reset it. I’m not sure why this worked, but it did.