Red Dimmer LZW31-SN 3 way problem

I installed a bunch of Red Switches successfully earlier in the year (with a little help from the community).

I finally got around to picking a Red Dimmer for my office. The 3 way circuit was previously “dumb” only.

I used a multimeter to detect LINE. It is tied to the LINE of one of the Red switches. I checked the wiring and I believe I should be using LINE/LOAD in Separate Boxes (Neutral Wire Setup).

The problem is that the dimmer only operates if the dumb switch is in the ON position.

Any guidance is appreciated.

This photo is the gang box with LINE. The dimmer is the one on the bottom left. The working (3 way) switch in the same box is on the bottom right.

This photo is the drawing I did of the wiring.

These photos are the dumb switch and drawing of the wiring.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s a better picture of the dumb switch.

Does the switch turn on after you turn on the dumb switch? Or do you see the dim blue light regardless of the dumb switch position?

I see the blue LED regardless of the dumb switch position.

Great. I think you just need to set the correct parameters 21/22 for the switch to operate correctly.

Mainly want to ensure it’s configured for 3 way dumb and neutral.


Took a couple of tries but I got it. Thank you!

This community is a big thing that sets this product apart from others.

I cannot express how much I appreciate the patience and kindness I find here when I have questions.

Thanks again.