Red Dimmer "Reset" command?

Looking at my Red Dimmer in Hubitat, there is a “Reset” command. What exactly does that reset? Things I can think of it might do:

  • Restart the switch (kind of like a quick air-gap)
  • Reset all settings to defaults
  • Factory reset the switch

Anyone know what it actually does?

Thanks in advance!

It doesn’t do any of those things actually :slight_smile:

Based on the driver comment for that command, the reset button should just reset the energy stats -

def reset() {
    if (infoEnable) "${device.label?}: Resetting energy statistics"
	def cmds = []
    cmds << zwave.meterV2.meterReset()
    cmds << zwave.meterV2.meterGet(scale: 0)
    cmds << zwave.meterV2.meterGet(scale: 2)
	commands(cmds, 1000)
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LOL. Thanks! :grin: