Red Dimmer Slower than Black


I just exchanged a Black dimmer for a Red one and I think I am noticing a significant increase in latency. I think it might be related in the wait necessary to detect the multiple tap. Is there any way to disable that ?

Thank you

Flash the Beta firmware. Plenty of discussions here regarding that.

This is true in the current firmware, but the beta mentioned above has an option to address/eliminate this. However, I’m concerned that you say it’s slower. It should be equal — it’s just that on a Black switch/dimmer, there’s no reason to wait, so it might be more annoying. :slight_smile: (The Black firmware was based on the Red firmware, presumably because it’s more or less a subset of that and that’s what they started with.) If it’s really slower, you might have a hub/network issue going on. Good luck!

It might be in my head, but when I first try the red, I really felt like there was a difference. At that point, I was not using a hub.

Also check your “Min Level”. If your bulb doesn’t turn on until after 10%, there will be a perceived delay due to the ramp going from 0 to 10%. Some of my bulbs due not turn until the dimmer reaches 15-20%