Red Dimmer still powers light on off

When my light is turned off, there’s still residual current going to the light which is turning the LEDs on (very dim). Turning it on and dimming works as expected, but Off isn’t truly off. Is this expected behavior? How can I prevent this? I have a bunch of other Red Dimmers installed that do not exhibit this behavior. Haven’t tried a different dimmer in the same place to see if this is the dimmer’s issue.

Wired with neutral wire.

It’s not expected in a neutral setup but it happens with certain bulbs regardless of the neutral setup. I have one circuit that did the same. Just double check you changed the switch type to neutral vice non neutral.

If the parameters 21/22 are setup correctly, then you’ll need to look at changing bulbs or installing an Aeotec Bypass at the light. That should solve the dimmed bulb when the dimmer is off.

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Agreed, I have this same issue with temp CFL’s in a fixture, one of them blinks.

Options are:

  1. New (Compatible) bulbs
  2. Load Resistor Bypass (Aeotec)