Red Dimmer to turn on florescent (without dimming)

I’m using a Red Dimmer v1.48. I’ve seen others refer to hardware version. I’m not sure what this is, but the OPC reads X0026IBVJT.

I installed the red dimmer on two T12 fixtured. I set the dimming speed to 0 (parameter 1), which should “Make it act like an on/off switch”.

I installed the switch planning to replace the fluorescents with dimmable LED bulbs, but in the mean time, I’m curious about what’s going on.

When I turn the switch on, the fixtures make a pulsing buzz sound and flicker for about 1.5 seconds, then turn on solid like normal.

Is the switch not really going to 100% output instantly?

1.48 refers to the firmware version. Version 1.55 added a new option for parameter 52 for on/off. You can also try setting parameter 3 (ramp rate) to 0 for instant on.

Which hub are you using?

Latest firmware is here:

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I’m not totally sure on this, but my suspicion is that the dimmer isn’t rated for the load produced by a ballast, which I think may be inductive. Just because the dimmer is capable of always putting out a full output does not mean the electronics behind it support that type of load.

@Eric_Inovelli for confirmation . . .

I am using Hubitat. I’ll see if I can get the firmware updated, though I’ve never updated a z-wave device before. Thanks for the info!

Parameter 3 is set to 101, which follows 1, which is set to 0

I don’t disagree if it was trying to ramp up the voltage, but it sounds like it should go to 100% instantly. It works just fine after the 1.5 seconds, so I don’t see an issue once it’s at 100%. Going to look into upgrading the firmware per stu1811 and try the on/off setting.

Great news! The new on/off option did the trick. The lights turn on just like they would on a normal dry contact switch.

I guess this means that previously even with a max ramp speed it was still causing an issue.

Thank you very much!


@DriftN2Forty Just as an FYI, the dimmer does not officially support fluorescent loads and I’d recommend swapping to a switch and using the dimmer elsewhere. I’ve actually killed a few fluorescent fixtures even with proper on/off settings after about 6-9 months of use. Haven’t killed the DIMMER, but I did end up removing it and replacing it with a switch and no further issues after ~1 year.

Understood. I’ll be upgrading the lights to LED within a few weeks. Thanks for the heads up!