RED Dimmer - toggle + control button pressed at the same time on accident

Hey All-

So i have 5 RED switches, and I’ve discovered something on two of them that is slightly annoying and i’m looking for other people’s thoughts.

Two of my switches are on the right hand side as you walk into the room (Bedroom, bathroom) and directly on the wall as you pass. I have found quite frequently now that they have been there for a while, that I accidentally tap the “control” button and the “up” button at the same time - 90% of the time i’m just trying to tap the switch “on.”

Well, tongiht i got out my debug and found out that if i tap control then up, it registers as a “button 2 push.” So I feel like i can work around that failure by mapping scene 2 to just “on,” Now, i thought that maybe the firmware could just read that as a “button 1 push” - but maybe someone does the same thing when hitting just the control button. It’s an interesting thought process.

However, here’s another rub. I just figured out the “button 2” portion, so i will see how it works in my day to day life - but when troubleshooting, i found that if i tap the “up” on the switch followed immediately by the “control” button, the switch sends no command. So no workaround there.

Anyway - interested to know if anyone has run into this, worked around it as i have or has any thoughts on that control button placement? Thannks!

My other half struggled with the config button for a bit. Guest certainly do, but I ordered new config buttons that are low to prevent accidental taps. I also created a rule in rule machine to turn switch on if off else if switch on turn off using config button.

Thanks @harjms - I haven’t thought of re-mapping the “config” button to toggle on/ off, but i haven’t found it to be normal for me to tap that button without fudging over and hitting the up toggle as well. It’s usually a “i tap the config button while i’m mashing the full up toggle at the same time, and then nothing happens”