Red Dimmer turning off after <5 seconds

Recently installed Red dimmer (two-way wiring, powers two outside LED lights, total wattage draw was 15wats),

It is shutting down randomly.
It turns on at sunset via Node Red flow, but both nights it has turned off after a few hours (log indicated turn off command occurred at switch).

It now stays on for no more than 5 seconds. Tested by turning on at switch and via Home Assistant GUI.

Confirmed parameter 8 Auto Off Timer is set to 0.
Confirmed parameter 22 Switch Type set to Load Only.

See log.

(Update - I turned it on via Node Red again and it has remained on for the last 17 minutes)
Further update - it turned itself off at 10:47:52 PM)

Set max output to 80% and see if that works.

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That seems to have worked. I made the change right after your post and the switch stayed on until the sunrise off command via Node Red at 7:06am.

I just searched “80%” and saw reports of a firmware issue and this being the temporary workaround. Thank you.

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