Red Dimmer v2 in 3-Way, Dumb Switch Killing Power to Light

I just installed a Red (v2) Dimmer and it doesn’t seem to be working properly. Am I missing something? I can verify (and have double and triple-checked, including toning wires to make sure I am indeed working on the wires I think I am working on) that my before and after exactly match the wiring diagram on Inovelli’s website here

The red dimmer light is on and I can toggle it on and off and see the blue LED go up and down accordingly. The issue is that when the dumb switch is in one position, the light does nothing when turning the Inovelli switch on and off. If the dumb switch is in the other position, the Inovelli switch controls the light, as intended.

I can tell it’s killing power to the light completely, because when I use the Inovelli, it has a dim-effect when it goes on/off but if the light is on and I flick the dumb switch, it instantly goes off, no fade, and nothing I do on the Inovelli switch side does anything to the light.

Any ideas what might have caused this? I’ve installed a handful of these and haven’t had this issue. Could it be a bad Red Dimmer?


Ok, Line and Load in the same box so only one possibility for Inovelli location.

Sounds like settings or load. Did you set parameter 22 to “1”?

Also, when you flip the dumb switch, do you hear the relay in the dimmer click?

What is the Load?

Side note. Just swapped the Red out with a brand new one and same issue so not likely a faulty switch.

Line/Load in the same box. Same box as Red.

No I did not set any parameters. I didn’t realize I needed to? Did I miss something in the docs? I didn’t see any instructions to modify settings on the wiring diagram page?

When I flip the dumb switch, I do not hear the relay click.

The load is a single LED light bulb in a basic fixture on the ceiling.

Frick. Just set parameter 22 to 1 and it works great. Argh.

The only other 3-way configuration I’ve installed was a Black v2 and it worked out of the box.

Can you point me to where in the docs it says to change that config setting? I literally read and re-read the wiring page and didn’t see that anywhere. It must have been right under my nose. :joy:

I thought there was a sticker on the side saying it needed additional configuration or another pamphlet in the box indicating extra steps required.

Glad you got it going!

What @harjms said, but you can see the configuration parameters in the manual. We’ll get you off the hook by pointing out that in some cases, switches were sent with the old manual that didn’t have these two settings . . . :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

It’s probably a good idea to always get the manual from the support site:

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My vote would be to add the relevant settings to the wiring page, if required. :slight_smile: