Red / Hubitat - Associations or Rules?

Hello again! 2 weeks in to both Inovelli and Hubitat, so yes this is my learning curve issue and not a product issue… Red LZW30-SN switches and a Hubitat C5 if it matters.

I’m looking to setup a few simple Scene’s, and am struggling here. For my first attempt, I’m trying to set a bedtime scene from my master bedroom light switch. I want to tap down twice on it and have it turn off all the other Red switches in the house, lock the two Schlage doors, set the Hubitat to Armed-Night, and turn on a night stand bulb.

I setup the z-wave association tool, and got it running correctly (?) using Rule Machine. I followed the how-to here in the community. But it took 5sec for the first switch to turn off and up to 55sec for the last light to turn off. Then, all my devices were non-responsive in Hubitat either from the dashboard or from the direct device control, they still turned on/off from the Inovelli switch directly, so I removed the Rule.

Better ideas of how to do this?

I would suggest simple automation rules app. This is a good place to help learn to use rule machine and for what you are trying to do I think would be the quickest and least work for you.

I basically use Alexa to do everything you want Hubitat to do; however a simple rule machine should take care of this. It’s not going to be instant though so allow some delay.

@Sky320 But 50+ seconds? That just seems wrong to me.
I do quite a bit via Alexa, but this needs to be silent (when the wife is asleep for instance).

@harjms I’ll give it a try, but I’m suspicious of Simple Automations being any faster than RM, but let’s see. Thx.

You can setup a new routine on Alexa and have her not respond upon running the routine. We have a “Goodnight” routine in which she’ll respond with a random good night saying. I was hoping I could loop in Sam Jackson voice over…

So all of the lights turn on/off from the same switch, as in your associations work? If so, your rule only needs to include your locks and mode change. I think your causing yourself z wae issues by having the associations activate, and then immediatly sending out an instruction from the hub to do the exact same thing.