Red On/Off Automations & LED Notifications Stopped on

2 of my 4 switches stopped working from the Smartthings app and the LED notifications stopped as well. The physical buttons work to turn the lights on and off however the multi tap automations don’t. I have 4 switches set up the same way. I noticed one switch stopped working about 3 months ago but didn’t look into it because I didn’t use or look at the notifications often. The second switch(in garage) however we use regularly as we leave the house to check the door window status and send commands to shut lights and lock doors.

Any I hope I could fix this?

Troubleshooting steps I would recommend:

  1. Air gap the switch, try again.
  2. Check the logs
  3. Set the corresponding parameters to something else, then change them back.
  4. Exclude, reset, and include, reset parameters.