Red On/Off in 3-way with White Aux causing flickering/strobing

Have a Red On/Off and a White Aux in 3-way config with hard-wired overhead LED light. Previously had an older Red On/Off and GE/Jasco Aux wired in same config working perfectly for several years.

One day when turning on the light, it turned on the off again in quick succession a couple times then stayed on as normal. Thought it was strange so turned the light off then back on and the behavior did not repeat. The next day (with several normal on/off cycles in between) it did the same thing. Immediately turning it off and back on did not cause the strobing. The issue progressively got worse. It went from happening maybe 1 in 10 times to every time and the period of successive on/offs that created a strobing effect lasted longer and longer.

I’d had issues with another GE/Jasco Aux in another part of the house about a year before (not exactly the same issue but the Aux switch stopped working then the Red On/Off stopped working). Replaced the Aux in the other area and everything went back to normal so I figured this was just another dead/dying Aux switch. Didn’t want another GE/Jasco so ordered a backordered White Aux. Made a few attempts at trying to regain use of the light in the mean time by wiring in an old dumb switch. Made a bone-head mistake and ended up frying the Red On/Off switch. Replaced that with a new one right out of the box and left the whole setup alone until the White Aux came.

Had some hiccups getting the White Aux all wired up and going but got thru that and…. still strobing when the light is switched on and it never goes to just steady on.

At this point both the Red On/Off switch and the Aux switch have been replaced so it shouldn’t be any kind of hardware there. I am using “Smart”things as my HA so is there a chance there is an issue there? I switched to the Edge driver when I put in the new Red On/Off switch but the issue started before that and has persisted after that so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’m not attempting to do any kind of dimming but the light fixture contains hardwired LEDs. It does not have a receptacle for a bulb so I can’t swap in an incandescent bulb for troubleshooting or anything and it isn’t like a lamp plugged into a switched outlet where I could easily try another light.

Appreciate any suggestions, thanks!!

Since you have new hardware switch-wise, and you are confident it is wired properly (even though you fried a switch in the process) and you are confident that the switch’s settings are correct (3-way momentary, right?), and the problem pre-existed the hardware swap, it’s probably the fixture.

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