Red on/off switch sporadic in connecting

I tried to contact support directly, I haven’t had much luck in the past so reaching here.

I have 6 inovelli dimmers and setup and use has been flawless. The one on/off red series inovelli switch I own has been a huge headache. I was able to finally connect it to smartthings after 3 attempts. It would connect to the hub here and ther for a couple months and now it doesn’t connect at all. The hub is maybe 10 feet away below and another functioning zwave switch is less than 6 inches. I ran the zwave networking tool again without success. It is really frustrating as the dimmers are the most superior zwave switches on the market. I bought the on/off because these lights are not dimmable and didn’t want to mess with those functions. Looking online I’ve seen this problem with their on/off before. its less than a year but more than 90 days, if it is defective (I hope I don’t have to deal with the same people that are their support) what is the warranty? Any solutions? A common complaint? Just trash it and get a GE switch?

Probably the SmartThings hub honestly.

Zwave network repair? Does without success mean that the network repair failed, or that it completed and didn’t have any effects on the switch’s connection? If the switch is still in the IDE, look at the route and insure there aren’t excessive hops or hops through a ghost device.